We are Sexplain


We want to bring sex and relationships education into the 21st century.

We offer in-school workshops on porn, consent, sexting and healthy relationships.

We want to support young people & those working with them to ensure everyone has access to a complete, inclusive and comprehensive sex education.

Our approach is intersectional feminist, non binary, sex positive and non-judgemental.

We also work with university students, youth groups and provide staff training.

Want to work with us? We’d love to hear from you.

Sexplain provided Relationship and Sex Education to Years 10-13, in various sessions. The Sexplain staff have a real knack in keeping sessions fun and lighthearted, yet delivering all the facts, across the plethora of RSE topics, and keeping all the students fully engaged.

Key messages of consent, respect, safety and assertiveness were paramount, and students felt confident to ask a vast range of questions that they simply wouldn’t ask a teacher.
The cupcakes and play-doh helped – but they are not gimics and this is definitely a lesson that they will not forget.

Absolutely brilliant and highly professional – I am SO pleased to have found Sexplain!
— Annabel Taylor-Ross, Head of PSHE, Blundell's School.

why we do what we do...

According to UN research ‘few children and young people receive preparation for their lives that empowers them to take control and make informed decisions about their sexuality and relationships freely and responsibly’. We work with schools and young people to ensure access to a high-quality, comprehensive sexuality education for all.

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Whether you're looking for workshops, training, you’re a young person who wants to be on our youth panel, you’re working in the field, or you’re just interested in what we do - we want to hear from you!

Get in touch via our contact page or email us on info@sexplainuk.org.

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Sexplain have ran two fantastic workshops for Girlguiding’s National Youth panel, Advocate, and our British Youth Council Delegation. It was great for the girls and young women to understand what we mean when we talk about high-quality Sex and Relationships education in practice and what a difference it can make. The sessions were both fun and informative, debunking myths about sex and gender in a very open and safe space. I couldn’t recommend them enough, even I, a women in her 30s who works in women’s equality and has run campaigns on SRE learnt something new!
— Zoë Durnford, Youth Voice & Campaigns Officer, Girlguiding.

partners and supporters

Sexplain delivered sex and relationships education workshops for all of our pupils, Year 7 - Year 9, here at Cranbrook Education Campus.

Sexplain’s workshops were a fantastic way to introduce the subject of sex and relationships education in our school. They have transformed our pupils attitudes towards SRE. Since the Sexplain workshops, our staff have found it much easier to deliver PSHE-themed classes to our students. Both staff and students are now more prepared with the knowledge and skills to discuss SRE issues.

Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and assemblies. The content was engaging, age-appropriate and challenged myths and misconceptions surrounding sex and relationships. Sexplain has also created a brilliant notice board in a central location on our campus. This is a great way to continue to refresh our students’ understanding of SRE.

I would highly recommend it to any school looking for SRE support. Great value for money.
— Stephen Farmer, Headteacher, Cranbrook Education Campus.