We've collated of some of our favourite stuff that's out there...


We love this BAFTA winning short film that explores first-time sex, affirmative consent and the importance of normalising conversations around sex. All in a nuanced and hilarious way.

2. it's pronounced metrosexual

A free online resource and social justice comedy show by Sam Killermann - including amazing Edugraphics such as the Genderbread Person (below)!

Also, the Safe Zone Project: 'a free online resource for creating powerful, effective LGBTQ awareness and ally training workshops'.

Genderbread-Person version 3

3. frizz kid

Check out artist Hana's amazing Instagram, Tumblr and buy through Red Bubble.

4. the sex and history project

The award-winning project Sex & History 'uses objects from the past to open up discussions with young people about urgent issues such as consent, body image, pornography and gender identity.'

'Exploring different cultural attitudes takes us outside ourselves and our everyday concerns, brings fresh eyes to our own ideas but also shows us that sex is nothing new and it’s OK to talk about it.'


Calum McSwiggan is an "LGBT Lifestyle YouTuber, making videos about gay rights, mental health, sex education and everything in between".

6. agenda wales

AGENDA is an amazing 'free online toolkit developed with young people for young people. It supports them in how they can safely and creatively challenge gender inequalities and oppressive gender norms, both of which are the root cause and consequence of violence against girls and women, homophobia and transphobia.

AGENDA has equality, diversity, children's rights and social justice at its heart, and supports young people's rights to speak out and engage as active citizens on issues that matter to them.

It includes a wide range of activities and resources, and links to further information, all designed so that 11-18 year olds can explore the issues they are interested in at their own pace.'

 Public Health England's 2018 Sexual Health Campaign

Public Health England's 2018 Sexual Health Campaign

7. sexwise

User-friendly, inclusive and up-to-date website provided by FPA.

Includes: contraception, sexual health, pleasure, seeking help and more!




An Australian campaign but with messages applicable everywhere, this collaborative project between the Supre Foundation and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation aims to take a stand against image based bullying. 

The project includes a free, downloadable booklet for young people which defines image-based bullying, ethical sexting and signs of a respectful relationship.

9. ways to change the world: jameela jamil

In Channel 4’s podcast Ways to Change the World, the amazing Jameela Jamil explains the motivation behind her ‘I Weigh’ campaign, discussing body image, the importance of representation on screen, and the impact of social media.

10. Squish squash squelch

Blog run by Junior Doctor and Sexplain team member Emma Chan. Featuring fab RSE activity ideas, including Emma’s lovely Contraception Top Trumps and instructions for Sexplain’s playdoh anatomy activity, complete with photos!

Sexplain playdoh

11. man or woman? who’s to say.

In this humorous and engaging Refinery29 video, the wonderful Alok Vaid-Menon explains being non-binary in a society obsessed with dichotomies.

12. Formed films

ForMed Films makes animated films and illustrations to help people better understand medical and health issues. Check out the website for films about Cervical Screening, Perinatal Positivity and more.

Below is BAFTA winning Mother of Many, a celebration of midwifery and childbirth.