Staff training

Sexplain offers bespoke training for school staff, or anyone who works with young people, on a range of sre topics.

In partnership with Teaching ‘The Talk’, which ensure young people’s voices are heard in how their sex education is delivered.

I thought it was excellent - packed full of useful info and teaching ideas. Also great to be able to discuss issues in depth. Very relevant and up-to-date.
— Teacher & Devon Training attendee

What: we deliver in-depth sessions for PSHE and SRE teachers, as well as lighter-touch training covering gender, sexuality, rights, digital phenomena and health, suitable for anyone who works with young people.

How: we run regular bookable ‘forum’ days open to any staff, as well as bespoke in-house training. Please contact us for more info and bookings.

impact: what the staff say

The feedback below is from a whole-day training forum attended by 14 secondary school teachers in the South West of England in May 2019.


“Really helpful & interesting. Makes me feel quite excited about introducing some new ideas/resources etc.”

“I feel like I know a lot more about LGBTQIA+ and how we might approach in the curriculum. It 'updated' my knowledge & understanding of all the topics covered really.”

“I thought the whole day was very informative with lots of innovative ways to teach SRE.”

“Really positive - aimed at the right level and light-hearted.”

“I will use it in my lessons and to shape my planning for the whole school PSHE curriculum.”

I’ll be reevaluating the curriculum in light of what we discussed today.”

“The technology aspects were great.”

“[The facilitators were] good, professional and knowledgeable.”

“Gender: I thought this was a very new way to think about this subject - particularly liked to access to videos.”

Covered a range of topics; plenty of opportunity to ask questions.”

Very good, fun, and lots of information.”

“[Facilitation was] really good and up-to-date, non-judgemental.”

I like the fears & solutions model - useful class prep. Really good sense of how different issues/subjects fit together & could be built into a programme. Like the emphasis on teachers being open & learning & letting kids take the lead.”

Modify language when teaching contraception both in PSHE and in science curriculum” [In response to, is there anything you will do differently because of today?]

I found the LGBTQ+ useful as this is an area I need more training on.”

if you would like to find out more about our training and how we can work together, please get in touch or email