Case Study: Girlguiding UK

workshop for 16 girlguiding advocates; aged 16-21; held @girlguiding UK HQ, buckingham palace rd, LONDON.

  • 100% (16/16) strongly agree or agree that they feel more knowledgeable about sex and the human body because of the Sexplain workshop

  • 100% strongly agree or agree that Sexplain’s workshop was inclusive of different genders and sexualities

  • 94% (15/16) strongly agree or agree that they feel happier in, or more confident about, their own body as a result of the Sexplain workshop
  • 100% would recommend Sexplain’s workshops to their peers.


"Inclusive language, interesting, factual, sex-positive, interactive, allowed for feeling embarrassed/uncomfortable."
"It was a safe space to discuss awkward topics and I felt able to ask questions and contribute. The facilitators were very open which made me feel comfortable. Good level of information/activities/interacting/ talking, etc."
"Making people interact with physical models instead of diagrams I think is super engaging and easier to understand.”
"I understand much more about the XX genitalia and more confident in myself to have sex and pleasurable sex."

The full impact report is available here.