Teaching ‘The Talk’


By Suzi Boulting, founder at Teaching ‘The Talk’ and Sexplain Advisor.

With schools set to lose more funding in the near future, teachers will be relied on more heavily to deliver SRE within schools, and many will no longer be able to finance external support and guidance.

Teaching ‘The Talk’ is an exciting new youth-led teacher training programme designed to help teachers feel comfortable delivering SRE from a young person’s perspective.

We need the input of young people and teachers to create a truly unique programme where teachers can use young people for the first time as their base of knowledge and their expert advice. Using Sexplain’s image of having totally intersectional, feminist and sex positive sex education we aim to help facilitators feel comfortable and confident in supporting young people!

Whether you are a young person, a teacher or someone interested in the project please get in touch via our website or social media: we can’t wait to hear from you!

Website: Teaching ‘The Talk’

Twitter: @teachingthetalk

Insta: @teachingthetalk

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