The Women We See: Gender and Diversity in Advertising

The Women We See was a study commissioned by the Mayor of London to explore women’s experiences of outdoor advertising in London. The research was conducted by Sexplain advisor Professor Jessica Ringrose (UCL IoE) and Dr Kaitlyn Regehr (University of Kent).

Their findings included:

  • 51% of BAME Londoners said their ethnicity isn’t well-represented in London’s advertising.

  • Only 35% of LGBT Londoners feel they are well represented in advertising.

  • 65% of women and 51% of men said they did not see enough images of disabled people.

You can read the full report here.

In addition to research through surveys and interviews with people in the capital, Dr Regehr and Professor Ringrose also invited groups of school pupils to ‘craft back’ through collaging; to tell the advertisers what they do and don’t like to see.

At Sexplain, we want to continue these important conversations about body image, representation, gender, intersectionality and sexualisation with young people everywhere. As part of our body image workshop, we invite students to create #WomenWeSee inspired collages, exploring their thoughts about adverts in magazines, public spaces and on social media.

With the students’ permission, we upload their creations here, creating a collection of young people’s voices about what advertisers can do better.

for information about how to deliver this workshop in your school, or if you have created your own collages that you’d like to add to our collection, get in touch.

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