We are Sexplain

We support schools to provide age-appropriate, up-to-date & inclusive sex and relationships education programmes.

Our team of unembarrassable ‘sexperts’ deliver workshops on porn, consent, healthy relationships and sexual pleasure. We also offer staff training, and work with university groups.

Our approach is intersectional, feminist, non-binary and sex-positive. Our incremental programme responds to the latest Government guidance on Relationships, Health and Sex Education.

Please get in touch if you’d like work with us to ensure every young person has access to a complete, inclusive and comprehensive sex education.

“I learned about sexual harassment - digitally.
I didn’t know that existed.” (Sixth Form student, Frances Bardsley Academy, Romford.)



Our workshops are designed in response to focus group research with young people around teen digital sexual cultures.

These have been created in collaboration with leading academics in gender, education and media studies from UCL Institute of Education, Kent University and University of Leicester.

Our Digital Defence & Digital Activism workshops help young people build digital literacy skills through addressing digital harassment, nudes and pornography in a non-judgemental space.

Sixth Form student and Sexplain workshop attendee, London.

Sixth Form student and Sexplain workshop attendee, London.

an inclusive approach

Our work is LGBTQIA+ inclusive, ensuring that all young people receive a sex education which properly addresses their needs and reflects their life experiences. We also support young people to understand how they can be good allies to one another, to build a more inclusive & safe society.

Sexplain PGCE

training for STAFF & trainee teachers:

Sexplain provides training for current and prospective teachers on delivering comprehensive and inclusive sex and relationships education.

This includes how our curriculum aligns with the new Government Guidance on Relationships, Sex and Health Education (statutory from September 2020).

As with our workshops for young people, our training is bespoke, and the content and format can be tailored to your specific needs.

We have delivered workshops for PGCE students, postgraduate gender and sexuality education programmes, as well as for in-house staff.

“Sexplain led a great session for our trainee teachers which helped them to think about how to approach this area of the curriculum in a non-judgemental, safe and positive way. The session was engaging, interactive, practical and thought-provoking.”

- Sarah Worton, Subject Leader, PGCE Social Science, UCL Institute of Education.

Evie Karkera illustrations

support from our external facilitators:

Our dedicated team of unembarrassable ‘sexperts’ helps to ensure that students have access to a safe space where they feel confident to ask questions.

Research by Pound (2017) found that “one of [young people's] key messages is that they would prefer not to have SRE delivered by familiar teachers. This is not just because they believe their teachers will be embarrassed or lack expertise, but also because they feel that it could blur boundaries and introduce awkwardness into the teacher-pupil relationship." (BMJ)

Sexplain aims to work collaboratively with schools to develop a whole-school approach to sex and relationships education, in which students are supported not only by their SRE curriculum, but also aligning policies and wider school cultures.

all from an award-winning organisation

Sexplain is the 2018 Winner of the Pamela Sheridan Award for Innovation and Good Practise in RSE.

Sexplain Pamela Sheridan Award