In 2017, Sex and Relationships Education in the UK is still pretty terrible. 1

We've categorised some of the things we've come across during our research that have made us laugh, cringe and cry.

And that we vow never, ever to do.


Slut-shamey, judgemental, sex-negative. Problematic in so many ways.

nuclear family = a moral and stable society

"As part of sex and relationship education, pupils should be taught about the nature and importance of marriage for family life and bringing up children.
...pupils should learn the significance of marriage and stable relationships as key building blocks of community and society." 2

I'm sorry, is this 1950?

don't have sex. you will get pregnant. and die.

"Secondary pupils should learn to understand human sexuality, learn the reasons for delaying sexual activity and the benefits to be gained from such delay". 3

Patronising and unhelpful.

Teen parents are people. They are not a crisis. They should not be shamed and judged.

referring to             teen pregnancy                                                           as a "crisis"

shaming people with stiS AND STDS

Same as above. Suggesting that people with an STI or STD should be ashamed is wrong.


Just no.