Sexplain was founded in 2016 by Hazel Morgan and Amelia Jenkinson.

    Hazel Morgan  Director & co-founder

Hazel Morgan Director & co-founder

   Amelia Jenkinson  Director & co-founder

Amelia Jenkinson Director & co-founder

Our story:

One day Amelia and Hazel were gossiping (typical women*) and they realised that they had never once heard the word 'clitoris' mentioned in their sex education.

When they thought about it more, they realised they had never heard the words: gay sex, labia, 'women+pleasure', uttered by a sex educator, either.

They began speaking to their friends about their experience of sex education, and heard similar stories. 

Most had been taught about condoms, STIs and wet dreams of course. Oh yes. But few would confidently say "VULVA", or had been explicitly taught about consent. In fact, several couldn't recall receiving any sex education at all.

Worse, one person said their sex ed consisted solely of a video of a cat giving birth.

The more they looked into it, the more they wanted to do something about it. So, they conceived Sexplain, taking oaths that they would never refer to teen pregnancy as a "crisis", or slut-shame, and would make their sex ed comprehensive and inclusive.

Since then, the pair have been developing Sexplain: mostly by icing vulvas on cupcakes, watching porn and diving into the world of sexts.

(Only joking, Mr School Governor. Maybe.)