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An event by Decolonise Contraception: Sexual Wellbeing & Pleasure


Decolonise Contraception is a movement that aims to promote discussion related to the ways in which some sexual and reproductive health (SRH) practices have developed from unethical medical research, often on previously colonised populations and people of colour. This movement intends to provide spaces to discuss how these issues still affect our practice today.

#DecolonisingContraception aims to understand the colonial history of SRH, discuss modern SRH practice, and start new conversations about reproductive justice.

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In their third talk as part of our ongoing SOAS Series, Decolonise Contraception will be discussing sexual wellbeing and sexual pleasure. The panel will be exploring the much overlooked subject of pleasure; exploring how cultural norms may have excluded pleasure as an important part of sex.

Amongst the panellists will be Sexplain’s Gayathiri Kamalakanthan.

Join the discussion of taboos and myths around masturbation, barriers to accessing pleasure and wellbeing information and much more!