Team Bios

Sophie Whitehead photo.jpg

Sophie Whitehead

Sophie is all about the role of pleasure in discourses around sex and relationships education. She’s a qualified secondary teacher and intersectional feminist currently completing an MA in Social Justice and Education at UCL. Her studies and research focus on how gender and sexualities are perceived and expressed by young people in the era of fourth-wave feminism and toxic masculinity. 

Through her professional and academic experiences, Sophie’s developed the belief that SRE should always be inclusive, sex positive, honest and evidence-based. She hopes to reflect this in the work she does with Sexplain!

Emma Chan

Emma Chan

Emma is a Junior Doctor with an interest in sexual and reproductive health.

Blogs about this at

Jessi Borg Sexplain

Jessi Borg

I am a student, and I wanted to help with Sexplain's work as growing up I had no sexual education in secondary and it became harder as when I was 14 I came out as bisexual , soon figuring out that I was lesbian.

I had no knowledge of homosexual safe sex, nevermind heterosexual and in fact I had to learn from the internet and I'm still finding out new things today. I want to help raise awareness for sex in the LGBT community because many young people are relying on the internet for safe sex. I also write a blog where I discuss these matters and try and raise awareness.

Becky Lund Harket Sexplain

Becky Lund Harket

Becky strongly believes that the quality of the relationships we have determine the quality of our lives. She feels that by teaching young people balanced ways to communicate about sex and relationships we can improve their wellbeing and help to tackle unhealthy behaviours and that young people who receive discursive, inclusive and positive SRE will go on to lead happier and healthier lives. Becky is enthusiastic, straightforward and entirely unembarassable! 

Her academic studies have focussed on romantic relationships, sexual pleasure, sexual harassment, LBGT+ prejudice and societal attitudes towards sex.

Evie Karkera Sexplain

Evie Karkera

Evie is a Chemistry student at Sheffield University.

She supports Sexplain’s workshop delivery as well designing illustrations for Sexplain’s branding, website and school resources!

Charlie Hart, Sexplain

charlie hart

Charlie Hart is a qualified primary school teacher and charity worker. She believes strongly that inclusive, discursive education is fundamental in helping young people navigate today's Google-heavy world. 

As a bisexual wheelchair user, it is often difficult to get her to stop talking about sexuality and sex. She has directly experienced how asking questions and taking charge if her own learning supports healthy self-image and mental health, and prides herself on being ‘unembarrassable’!

Yolanda Adamson

yolanda adamson

Yolanda is a queer, non-monogamous, intersectional feminist and strongly believes that questioning your biases and your privileges, and striving for personal self-improvement can make a big impact on those around you.

She believes in radical softness as a weapon (as advocated by Lora Mathis) and that we should fight back against the constraints forced on our ability to express our emotions as we really experience them. She believes that inclusive sexual education and sexual health is important to individuals, relationships and societal wellbeing and that everyone should have the ability and responsibility to take charge of their sexual health.

yasmin nasli

Yasmin Nasli

Yasmin has recently returned to her home city of London after graduating from Exeter University, where she studied English with a bit of politics. After also spending some time living abroad during her degree, one of Yasmin’s main passions is travel, but when at home she can usually be found reading a good book or getting involved in a political discussion.

Katy Elliott

Katy Elliott

Katy spent two months in 2017 researching sex education in rural Uganda for her Master’s thesis, an adventure which had a lasting impact and sparked a dream for her career to contribute to ensuring young people the world over receive comprehensive and inclusive information about sex. Currently working in Australia, she’ll be helping out online with research and communications at Sexplain!