Volunteer Bios

Charlie Hart, Sexplain

charlie hart

Charlie Hart is a qualified primary school teacher and charity worker. She believes strongly that inclusive, discursive education is fundamental in helping young people navigate today's Google-heavy world. 

As a bisexual wheelchair user, it is often difficult to get her to stop talking about sexuality and sex. She has directly experienced how asking questions and taking charge if her own learning supports healthy self-image and mental health, and prides herself on being ‘unembarrassable’!

Yolanda Adamson

yolanda adamson

Yolanda is a queer, non-monogamous, intersectional feminist and strongly believes that questioning your biases and your privileges, and striving for personal self-improvement can make a big impact on those around you.

She believes in radical softness as a weapon (as advocated by Lora Mathis) and that we should fight back against the constraints forced on our ability to express our emotions as we really experience them. She believes that inclusive sexual education and sexual health is important to individuals, relationships and societal wellbeing and that everyone should have the ability and responsibility to take charge of their sexual health.

yasmin nasli

Yasmin Nasli

Yasmin has recently returned to her home city of London after graduating from Exeter University, where she studied English with a bit of politics. After also spending some time living abroad during her degree, one of Yasmin’s main passions is travel, but when at home she can usually be found reading a good book or getting involved in a political discussion.

Emma Chan

Emma Chan

Emma is a junior doctor with an interest in sexual and reproductive health. 

Blogs about this at www.SquishSquashSquelch.com