Our work with Hot Local Artists

Hot local artists Sexplain

Over the past few months Sexplain has been collaborating with Hot Local Artists, run by a duo of art students from University of the Arts London.

Anastasia and Rose have been using art and public events to open up discussion around the impact of modern-day pornography, the distinctions between porn and art, and more.

Sexplain has incorporated aspects from Hot Local Artists’ P.O.V. exhibition into our in-school workshops, using an arts-based approach to explore the varying roles porn plays in society.

our University workshops

In collaboration with HLA, Sexplain ran a workshop open to all students at University of the Arts London. Needless to say - their playdoh genital modelling and cupcake icing skills were excellent!

See photos and testimonials from the workshops below:

I enjoyed how informative and how casual it was. It felt like a safe space without judgement. I enjoyed the medical professional’s advice and looking at sex ed medically while also being inclusive.
— UAL student
Sexplain did a really great job of creating a space where you feel comfortable to ask questions. I appreciated how inclusive they were and open they were to suggestions on how to be even more inclusive. The genital play-doh modeling was a highlight!
— UAL student

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