The Anonymous Question Box

as part of sexplain's WORKSHOPS, STUDENTS can anonymously SUBMIT QUESTIONS via a box.

Here are some questions from the box. These are all from KS3 students.

(This purpose of this piece is not to answer these questions, but rather to give readers & fellow educators a sense of the sort of questions that students of this age may have.)

The original language/phrasing of the questions has also been maintained.

Sexplain cupcakes

"Why do girls have boobs and boys don't?"


  • What happens if you have sex on your period?
  • When will I get my period?
  • When’s your period normally due? And how long do they last?
  • How do you put a tampon in?
  • What happens if you don’t start your period?
  • Why do we have periods?


  • Sex
  • A dildo
  • A rim job
  • Bukake
  • BDSM
  • Doggy Style
  • Spooning
  • An erection
  • Dry sex
  • Anal sex
  • Scissoring
  • Cream pie
  • Fisting
  • Frigid
  • Wank
  • 4 corners
  • A tampon
  • An orgasm
  • A sex robot
  • Blue waffle
Sexplain cupcakes

"What's the average age to start puberty?"


  • What happens in puberty?
  • Why do you get hairs?
  • What’s the average age to start puberty?
  • What age do boys get sperm?


  • Do you have to lose your virginity by having a penis in a vagina?
  • Can a girl lose their virginity to a girl?
  • What happens when you have sex with a girl and it's her first time?
  • How do you know if you’re ready?
Sexplain genital cupcakes

"Female condoms?"

health/sexual health

  • What are all the STIs and how do you get them?
  • If you have AIDS what happens to you during sexual intercourse?
  • Do women wash out their vaginas after sex?
  • Why do you wash the penis?
  • What is dick cheese?
  • What’s a yeast infection? How do you get them?
  • If you get fingered by a dirty finger can you get an infection?
  • Can STDs be transmitted through kissing?
  • What sorts of STIs are transmitted through oral sex?


  • How do you know if you’re in an unhealthy relationship?
  • How could you tell someone you think they're in an abusive relationship?
  • What do you do to get into a relationship?
  • Why do people date?


  • Why does people's preferred gender change?
  • Why do people have genders?

contraception/barrier methods

  • What are flavoured condoms?
  • How many types of contraception?
  • Why do you have to wear condoms?
  • Can you get condoms for lesbians?
  • Why are there flavoured/scented condoms?
  • What if a condom gets stuck inside of the body?
  • Where do you put condoms?
  • Female condoms?
  • How reliable is the morning after pill and the pregnancy pill?


  • Is it normal to masturbate at this age?
  • What’s the best sex toy?
  • Does sex hurt?
  • Does sex feel good?
  • Is cum bad for you?
  • Can I drink cum?
  • What does it feel like when boys cum?
  • What happens when you swallow cum?
  • How do lesbians have sex?
  • How do gay people have sex?
  • Why do boys get boners?
  • What does sex feel like?
  • What does it feel like to have anal?
  • What happens to the dead sperm in the body?
  • What does it feel like to have your vagina licked?
  • Do you have to have sex?
  • Why do people watch porn?
  • What is porn for?
  • How long do you go for?
  • Is there more than 1 way to have sex?
Sexplain cake

"Why are people so obsessed with sex??"

philosophical conundrums

  • Who made sex?
  • Why do we have to learn this?
  • Why are 13 year olds so horny?
  • Why do men have penises and women have a vagina?
  • Why do people have underaged sex?
  • Why do girls have boobs and boys don’t?
  • How do women attract men to have sex?
  • Why do we get attracted to other people?
  • Where does your body come from? How do you poo?? Why do you wee???
  • Why are people so obsessed with sex??
  • Why do we have to have sex in our life?
Sexplain cakes

"Average penis length?"


  • What is the average penis size
  • Does size matter?
  • How long can a penis be?
  • Average penis length?
  • What does a vagina look like?
  • Can girls really become 'loose'? Because, it’s a muscle, right?

age of consent

  • Can you lose your virginity under the age of 16 legally?
  • What age can you have sex?
  • If you’re legally allowed to have sex at 16 why do you have to be 18 to buy sex toys?
  • If you lose your virginity under age what will happen to the people who have sex?


Sexplain cupcakes

"How are baby boys and girls made?"

  • Does pre-cum have sperm in it?
  • Is it true you can get a girl pregnant by kissing?
  • Can you get pregnant from anal?
  • How are baby boys and girls made?
  • Why do babies heads come out first?
  • Is it true that if you have a period while pregnant it is bad and likely to have a miscarriage?
  • How are triplets made?
  • How do we get twins?
  • Why do you have to have sex to make a baby?
  • What happens if the sperm goes down the wrong tube?
  • What are the reasons that make people not be able to have children?
  • What age is it possible to have a baby?
  • Why do they use the quote "my water broke!"??

thank you to the sexplain vounteers and the students & staff at st james school, exeter, for the cupcakes pictured.