Sexplain & Fumble's Science Museum Workshop

"What’s in your Fantasy Sex Ed Curriculum?"

In June 2017 Sexplain ran a workshop at the Science Museum’s Sexuality Late, in collaboration with sex ed magazine Fumble.

The Late was part of Pride in London Festival 2017. This year's festival marked the 50th anniversary of Parliament’s vote to partially decriminalise homosexuality in the UK.

Our workshop was inspired by Justine Greening's announcement that SRE will be compulsory in all schools in England by 2020.

We invited participants to design their own Fantasy Sex and Relationships Education ProgrammeSee their thoughts in the gallery below:

Fumble team member Asha transcribed and categorised all the comments submitted by participants.

The top three categories she found were:

  1. Teacher training/curriculum

  2. Sexual Pleasure

  3. Body positivity/body image

After this were: teacher attitude/approach; health; consent; practical advice.

Both Sexplain and Fumble will use the participants' comments to inform their own workshop and online content.


Sexplain and Fumble at the Science Museum Sexuality Late

Sexplain and Fumble at the Science Museum Sexuality Late